Building a Cooperative Culture in Windsor

Forum: Building A Cooperative Culture in WINDSOR 

As part of Mayworks 2017 the Windsor Workers’ Education Centre in collaboration with the Ontario Cooperative Association hosts:

Day long forum morning & afternoon sessions: “Building a Cooperative Culture in Windsor”

When: Saturday, May 6 2017 9AM to 5PM Lunch provided, potluck dinner

Where: All Saints Church Hall at City Hall Square (Accessible)

330 City Hall Square West, Windsor, Ontario
Tentative Schedule: History of Co-operatives, kinds of co-operatives, how to conceptualize and bring into being a worker/consumer/producer co-operative, building a solidarity economy.Schedule so far:

10:00 – Introduction
10:30 – Paul Chislett – Introduction to the WWEC – Strategic Direction
11:00 – Paul Roberts – Co-operative 101
12:30 – Food and Refreshments – people to enjoy during 1:00 presentation
1:00 – Paul Roberts – Worker Co-operatives and Co-operatives and Unions
2:00 – Steve Green – Border City Urban Farms Co-op
2:30 – Jeff Pastorius – LOFC and Forest City Worker Co-op
3:30 – Next steps, group discussion
4:00 – Close

To register, please visit:   Eventbrite (tickets are free!)


Increasingly it’s become apparent that workers cannot continually react to injustices they face in low wage precarious work. The very future of work – that is to say the availability of work – is at risk from technological change (robots, further automation, machine intelligence). Certainly, workers have always confronted technological change but perhaps not on this scale – job losses affecting hundreds of millions around the world.

The centre primarily educates and advocates for non union workers on their rights under employment law in the existing economy.
The links below represent but a fraction of the work being done globally on the future of work and how workers will have to organize anew as a new post capitalist, post industrial era reveals itself more fully. It’s the material I am reading and trying to synthesize into a coherent local response in Windsor Essex, and a call to action to the community.