Stories to the Streets

Canada, Ontario. Windsor, 2016. The second installation of “Stories to the Streets”–a poster project– includes “Vita Brevis, Ars Brevis” and a new effort about Lyle Docherty, an old time Ford worker and CAW activist. Posters for the Mayworks Windsor 2016 event go up in the Dominion and Grand Marais area as well as Ford City on Drouillard Street.

May 1 – May 31, 2017

City Wide DIY postering throughout the month of May. Put your stories on the streets.

Document your DIY activity and send to or
The images will be posted on And archived on the site.

CANADA, Windsor. May 2017. “Stories to the Streets”, one of the art exhibitions for MayWorks Windsor 2017.

Stories to the Streets II
The poster continues to be the quintessential mode of public communication and a vital part of an urban aesthetic. Even in today’s wired world meetings, concerts, events of all sorts are announced, cost free to the readers, through posters. Stories to the Streets II is the second collaboration between Philosophy professor Jeff Noonan and Windsor photographer Doug MacLellan. The posters put MacLellan’ photographs in dialogue with Noonan’s stories to create an ephemeral “storied city” on the too often neglected streets of Windsor. The posters will appear at random locations around the city during the month of May.

Please join Noonan and MacLellan at One Ten Park: A Working Space for a discussion about the project and readings of the stories. The event inaugurates this year’s Mayworks Windsor: A Celebration of Art, Community, and Labour

Read more here:  Professor’s stories to launch labour arts festival

09-May-2017: Doug MacLelland and Jeff Noonan postering on University and Riverside, between Campbell and Rankin