Lollipop Guide Celebrates May Day

Celebrate May Day with the Lollipop Guild
Show & Tell

We’re Not Suckers,
We Don’t Work For Free

The Lollipop Guild is an association of non-siloed professional artists and organizations of all stripes, striving to change our regional culture which assumes that artists work for free because

“we love what we do.”

Sponsored by Windsor Feminist Theatre who will award the
1st Annual Suzanne Turnbull Memorial Bursary (see below)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
5:30 to 8:00 pm
(directly following the IWW rally at City Hall Square)
Rino’s Kitchen & Ale House, 131 Eliot Street West
Featuring members of The Lollipop Guild in a non-stop series of performances and insights!

Toasties and Snacky Bits!

About the Suzanne Turnbull Memorial Bursary:
Windsor Feminist Theatre is Proud to Announce the 1st Annual:
Suzanne Turnbull Memorial Bursary

Beverly Suzanne Turnbull (April 22, 1948 to November 9, 2013) was a highly respected artist who dedicated her life to Canadian theatre. A graduate of the University of Alberta, Suzie‘s career encompassed acting, directing, coaching, teaching and script development at theatres and universities across the country prior to finally settling down in Stratford where she continued her career at the festival, and beyond. Humble, loyal, honest, loved and trusted by so many, Suzie will be remembered for her passionate belief in the power and importance of theatre. Suzie’s work with Windsor Feminist Theatre was instrumental in helping us to attain the professional status we embrace today.

The Suzanne Turnbull Memorial Bursary is designed to assist a local artist (who seeks paid work) to pursue professional development that they would otherwise be unable to participate in.

This year’s recipient is Kianna Porter, a former student of Suzie’s, who has worked with WFT in multiple capacities over the past ten years, as well as developing her craft with other local performance opportunities. Kianna’s bursary will provide her with return travel to Edinburgh, Scotland to participate in a WFT internship during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest festival in the world. Kianna’s internship will entail working directly with executive producer Kelly Daniels on WFT’s production of “Watching Glory Die”, by Judith Thompson, which runs through the month of August at the Assembly Theatre.

Our hope is that this opportunity will provide Kianna with a unique professional development experience that will further her very promising career in performing arts, and further, give her some tools to mentor the next generation of theatre artists following Suzie’s example.

Award Presentation:
The Lollipop Guild Show & Tell
Wednesday, May 1st, 2019
Rino’s Kitchen,
131 Elliott Street West, Windsor, Ontario
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
(directly following the IWW May Day Rally)
(519) 254-8393